Garage Sale 1996 Command Tank

This Hot Wheels find doesn’t really fit in my collection. It’s obviously not a Chevy Nova or Impala and it’s not old enough to fit in the blackwall category either. I almost walked away from it, but when I saw a ’63 Corvette that I knew my son would like, I grabbed this one too. The casting first appeared in 1984 as Battle Tank, wearing more traditional military colors, but in 1985 the name was changed to Command Tank. About a half-dozen variations have been produced, with this Night Force model from 1996 being the last.

img_3389 img_3390486 | 1996 Command Tank | black & metalflake purple with silver deco | China | small hidden rollers


1982 Front Runnin’ Fairmont

This Hot Wheels Front Runnin’ Fairmont from 1982 was the bonus car that I picked up with the Maxi Taxi on eBay. Though I would say the Fairmont is another example of the really bad car design that was prevalent in the late 70s and early 80s, I do like it much better as a Hot Wheels model. The colors and design of the racing deco matched with those gold Hot Ones wheels – it almost makes me want to journey back to 1982. The real Fairmont was short-lived, being replaced in 1983 by the even uglier Ford Tempo. Similarly, there are only about 5 variations of this Hot Wheels casting, including another racing stocker, the Race Ace, that was released in 1986.

img_3393 img_33941982 | 3257 | Front Runnin’ Fairmont | red with white, yellow, orange and black, tampo | Hong Kong | gho

1977 Chief’s Special and Maxi Taxi

I’ve had a Hot Wheels Police Cruiser since I was a kid and it was always one of my favorites. The Olds 442 first appeared in the Hot Wheels lineup in 1971, wearing Spectraflame paint, redline tires and a rear wing. The Police Cruiser was a similar casting, but without the wing and with a cherry on top. My Police Cruiser is a blackwall version from 1977. Not too long ago, I got on eBay and picked up the Chief’s Special, which is a fire chief version of the Olds 442. When the Chief’s special was first released in 1975, it had a blue dome light on top and redlines. This 1977 variation lost the dome and has blackwall tires.

img_1357 img_13581977 | 7665 | Chief’s Special | red with white & yellow trim | Hong Kong | blackwall

So, since I now had a Police Cruiser and a Chief’s Special, it was only right that I get back on eBay and find myself a Maxi Taxi, which is the taxi cab version of this model, introduced in 1976 with redlines. This blackwall version is from 1977.

img_3395 img_33961977 | 9184 | Maxi Taxi | yellow with red, white & black trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls



This one is for my friend and fellow-blogger, Joel, who has a nice collection of Batmobiles too.

My favorite Batmobile is the one from 1966, and I’ve had a Playart version of it since I was a kid. I was pretty excited when Hot Wheels released their version as a New Model in 2007.

img_3334img_3340K6147 | 2007 New Models 1966 TV Series Batmobile 15/36 | black w Batman logo| 5SP

There now about 11 variations of this casting, and the only other one I have is this Faster Than Ever release from 2009.

img_3333img_3341P2453 |  2009 Faster Than Ever 1966 Batmobile 7/10 | black w Batman logo | FTE

For me, another important Batmobile is the one created for the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie. This first came out as a Hot Wheels First Editions model in 2004. There are about 8 variations, including this HW Imagination release from 2013.

img_3332img_3339X1709 | 2013 HW Imagination 61/250 | Batmobile | black | gray PR5

Hot Wheels now has about 10 different Batmobiles inspired by many of the different movie and cartoon creations over the years, and there are multiple variations of each. This doesn’t include the Batcopters, Batcycles and Batpods, not to mention Batmobiles produced by other brands. So, if someone wanted to get serious about collecting Batmobiles, (I admit, it is tempting) they could keep at if for a long time!

I’ll leave you with another 1989 Batmobile from my collection, this one made by Ertl Diecast.  I’ve had this one long enough that I don’t remember much about it, but I’m pretty sure I picked it up about the same time that the movie first came out.

img_3335 img_3337

2013 Cool Classics ’61 Impala

I found this Hot Wheels Cool Classics ’61 Impala at WalMart the other day. I’m glad to see so many nice Chevys in the Cool Classics series. This makes the 3rd one I’ve added to my collection. Previously, I nabbed the ’64 Impala, and the ’62 Chevy. I’m pretty fond of this ’61 Impala casting – a fairly recent new model from 2012 – and I have both the aqua and dark red variations from the first release.

img_3331img_3338Y9450 | 2013 Cool Classics 27/30 | ’61 Impala | sprectrafrost dark purple with red & silver trim | RSW

1982 Cannonade

We spent some time the past few weekends taking in some early garage sales. Yesterday I scored my first Hot Wheels find of the season. Cannonade was first released in 1981 wearing the same paint and tampo as this, but rolling on blackwalls. My find is from 1982, when Cannonade showed up with gold Hot Ones wheels. There are a few other variations – one in red, one in maroon, and a silver version called the Snake Buster Car which was part of the Snake Mountain Challenge track set.

img_3271 img_3269I also have another identical Cannonade that I picked up on eBay, which is in a little better shape.

img_0239img_02281982 | 1691 | Cannonade | yellow with purple, red, orange trim | Hong Kong | gold Hot Ones

Here’s a shot of the Cannonade with its cockpit propped open.