Hot Wheels 1979 Golden Machines 6-Pack

I was snooping around on eBay the other day when I noticed a seller had just listed four super-clean gold chrome Hot Wheels with a “Buy It Now” price and a “Make An Offer” option. After a little negotiating, I agreed to a price and bought them all. With these four, I complete my collection of the Golden Machines 6-Pack from 1979.

The Jaguar XJS made its debut in the Flying Colors series from 1978. I have that gray one in my collection as well as a blue version from 1980. I actually already had a gold chrome XJS, but it was a beat-up garage sale find, nowhere near as nice as this eBay score.

 img_3022 img_30231979 | 2012 | Jaguar XJS | gold chrome with red & black trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

Also introduced in the 1978 Flying Colors series, the Hot Bird is a collector’s favorite. In my collection, I have the original black version which has blackwalls, a blue version from 1980, and another black one from 1982 with gold Hot Ones wheels. There is also a variation of this casting from 1979 that’s called the Captain America.

img_3019img_30171979 | 2014 | Hot Bird | gold chrome with orange & blue trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

Yet another casting from the 1978 Flying Colors series, Race Bait 308 originally wore red paint. I have two of those from 1978, but neither one is as clean as this one. Introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1975, the real Ferrari 308 was on the lower end of the company’s range, but has become one of the more iconic Ferrari models.

img_3020 img_30211979 | 2021 | Race Bait 308 | gold chrome with white & black trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

The Z-Whiz, based on a Datsun 280Z, first appeared in the 1977 Flying Colors series wearing similar tampo as this gold chrome version, but over grey paint. I also have a nice, clean grey version which I haven’t posted yet.

img_3024 img_30251979 | 9639 | Z-Whiz | gold chrome with orange, white & blue trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

The Corvette Stingray is one of my favorite Hot Wheels, mostly because I’ve had the original enamel red redline from 1976 since I was a kid. I also have a fairly clean orange version from 1980. I picked up this gold chrome version on eBay awhile back and it has a little more wear than my recent finds.

img_0573 img_05751979 | 9241 | Corvette Stingray | gold chrome with black, orange and white trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

Spoiler Sport has been around since the 1977 Flying Colors series. I scored this one on eBay along with 3 other mini-van-like Hot Wheels from the same seller. I have the original light green version as well as a variation of the casting that was released in 1979 as The Incredible Hulk. One interesting thing about Spoiler Sport is that it can be found with one large window in the back, or – like this model – with a pair of stacked horizontal slits for rear windows.

img_1465 img_14661979 | 9641 | Spoiler Sport | gold chrome with black, red, orange trim, two small rear windows | Hong Kong | blackwalls



  1. […] As I often do to get more value out of my shipping dollar on eBay, I picked up a second car from the same seller. This Hot Wheels Spoiler Sport from 1977 – also a first casting – replaces an identical version I had that was in really poor shape. In 1979, the Spoiler Sport model was used for the Incredible Hulk and was also part of the Golden Machines 6-Pack. […]


  2. […] This is the first release of the Hot Wheels Z-Whiz which came out in 1977 – or is it? It seems there is an identical version which was released in the 1978 Super Streeters series. Without the packaging, I guess it’s impossible to know for sure. There are redline versions of the grey 1977 model too, and there is an ulra-rare white version that goes for big bucks. In addition, Z-Whiz was produced up until 1984 in several other colors including the gold chrome variation from 1979. […]


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