1979 Flat Out 442

I’m getting pretty close in my ongoing quest to acquire all of the newly-cast Hot Wheels for 1979. I was happy to find this fairly clean Flat Out 442 on eBay. There is another orange variation from 1979 that is missing the blue pentagon on the the side. Later variations are painted yellow, metallic gold and light green.

The real-life 442 – a designation which references the combination of a four-barrel carburetor, a four-speed manual transmission and dual exhaust –  was originally an option package on the Oldmobile F-85 and Cutlass in 1964. It became a model of its own from 1968 t0 1971, then back to an option through the mid-1970s.

Of course, the original Hot Wheels Olds 442 appeared during the redline era in 1971, and was later modified into the Police Cruiser, the Maxi Taxi and the Chief’s Special. The Hot Wheels Flat Out 442 is based on a racing version of the A-body Cutlass that was introduced in 1978.

img_0231 img_02321979 | 2506 | Flat Out 442 | orange with red, blue, white trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls


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