2013 Hot Wheels General Mills Series

I had a nice, unexpected Christmas gift last month. My brother, Tim, sent me a box full of the 2013 Hot Wheels General Mills cars from the Pop Culture series. Growing up together, we shared a lot of these products around the dinner table. He sent me 5 of the six cars, and I found the Cheerios car at the local Dillon’s last night, so my set is now complete.

My favorite of the bunch is the Old El Paso Super Van. We didn’t eat a lot of Mexican food during my youth in North Dakota, but five years living in Phoenix influenced my tastes quite a bit. The Super Van – which has been around since 1975 – is one of the favorite cars from my childhood collection. I think it looks pretty good here, sporting a tile roof and redline tires.

img_2889 img_2898X8368 | 2013 General Mills Pop Culture Series | Super Van | yellow with red roof, Old El Paso deco | RLRR

The Quick D-Livery was a new casting for 2013. I’m not sure what the actual inspiration is, but it looks like what would happen if Raymond Loewy redesigned the Volkswagen Bus. It’s a fitting model to for the Pillsbury Doughboy.

img_2887img_2896X8312 | 2013 General Mills Pop Culture Series | Quick D-Livery | silver & metalflake blue with Pillsbury deco | WLRR5SP

Another throwback to the streamlined look of the 1930s, Haulin’ Gas was first released in 2011. It has been used as a rolling billboard for Milk Duds, Carvel Ice Cream, Felix the Cat, and now the Green Giant.

 img_2888img_2897X8329 | 2013 General Mills Pop Culture Series | Haulin’ Gas | white with turquoise roof, Green Giant deco | WLRR10SP

Designed by Larry Wood and Bob Rosas and originally introduced in 1978, the Packin’ Pacer saw at least five variations into the early 80s. In 2011, the retooled version was part of the rebirth of The Hot Ones. It appears here wearing white wall tires and Totino’s Pizza deco

 img_2890img_2899X8317 | 2013 General Mills Pop Culture Series | ’77 Packin’ Pacer | metalflake red with Totino’s deco | WLRR5SC

Another delivery vehicle used to advertise brands such as Phillips 66, Masters of the Universe, and Atari Breakout, the ’49 Ford C.O.E. (cab over engine) was first cast in 2010. Here it wears the bright deco of Kix cereal.

 img_2891img_2900X8339 | 2013 General Mills Pop Culture Series | ’49 Ford C.O.E. | orange with Kix deco | RLDISH

And finally, another delivery wearing cereal graphics – in this case, Cheerios. This is the Custom ’52 Chevy, designed by Abe Lugo, which was first released in 2012.

 img_2924img_2923X8329 | 2013 General Mills Pop Culture Series | Custom ’52 Chevy | yellow with blue roof, blue trim and Cheerios deco | yellow line RRLW5



  1. Marc, I am glad you got the whole collection! For whatever it is worth, the valley of the Jolly Green Giant is in MInnesota! Just North and West of Mankato!


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