2014 Mystery Machine

My son has a knack for finding the Hot Wheels Mystery Machine. When the casting first came out in 2012, I searched high and low for it but just couldn’t come up with one. I whined about it publicly so much that someone finally felt bad for me and sent me a couple – one of each of the packaging variations. A month or so ago, my son went with me to O’Reilly Auto Parts to pick up a headlamp for my car. While I went up to the counter for help, my son wandered over to a small display of Hot Wheels, where he quickly grabbed the 2014 Mystery Machine that was hanging there. A few weeks later, he was with my wife at Target when he scored another one for me.

The 5-spoke wheels are an improvement over the J5s that they put on the 2012 version. Unfortunately, the best-looking version – 2013’s Retro-Entertainment release – is one that my son has yet to find for me.

img_2884 img_2892 BFC93 | 2014 HW City Tooned I | The Mystery Machine | turquoise with The Mystery Machine trim | chrome orange 5SP



  1. I looked for ages for a Mystery Machine, after I finally found one, I kept seeing it in stores (the same happened with the Toyota 2000GT)…it’s a mystery to me… maybe we should Scooby Doo to investigate….


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