1961 Ford Anglia and Other Lesney Relics

My son and I have been reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at bedtime. We’ve seen the movies and we really enjoy the scenes with the flying car. When I read in the book that the car is a Ford Anglia, it occurred to me that I had seen a die cast version and I decided it would be fun to pick one up. There were quite a few offerings of the Lesney model on eBay, but I zeroed in on a lot of cars that included an Anglia and six other old Lesney trucks, all of them in less than desirable shape.

I’ve decided this Anglia is the version of the Harry Potter flying car after it has landed in and has been beaten up by the Whomping Willow.

img_2904 img_29051961 | 7 | Ford Anglia | light blue | silver plastic wheels

I’ve gotten to where I prefer my Hot Wheels and newer Matchbox cars to be in pretty clean shape, but for some reason I don’t mind some wear and tear on the old Lesney cars. In some ways, I think it adds to their character.

img_2914 img_29151957 | 47 | Trojan 1-Ton Van | red | gray plastic wheels

img_2916 img_29171959 | 20 | ERF 68G Truck | blue | black plastic wheels

img_2910 img_29111959 | 11 | ERF Petrol Tanker | red | black plastic wheels

img_2908 img_29091961 | 3 | Bedford Ton Tipper | gray with maroon dumper | black plastic wheels

img_2912 img_29131961 | 13 | Thames Trader Wreck Truck | red | black plastic wheels

img_2906 img_29071964 | 16 | Scammell Mountaineer Snowplow | gray and orange | black plastic wheels



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