Matchbox Forum Online

Just a few days ago, I got an email from the Matchbox Forum administrator, informing me of all the latest updates to their website. Even though Matchbox/Lesney cars make up a fairly small part of my collection, I joined the Forum about a year and a half ago hoping to make some connections with other collectors. To be honest, I find their site really hard to navigate and I never did figure out how to use the message boards. However, they have done a lot of work on their catalogs which are a good resource for someone with a little determination.

I guess the best part about joining is that I got these two nice Matchbox models. I especially like the white-letter Goodyear Eagles on the ’57 Chevy.

img_7565 img_75681996 Premiere Collector Club | MB321 | 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop | black with white top

img_7566 img_75671998 | MB325 (MB30-12) | Chevy Tahoe Police “Official Matchbox Collectors Club” promo | black


2013 Cool Classics ’62 Chevy

I picked up the Hot Wheels Cool Classics ’62 Chevy at Target yesterday. I’ve seen photos of this one online and was eagerly looking for one to take home. This is one of those series where I could happily own every casting (especially the Shelby Cobra “Daytona” Coupe). They feature metal bases, retro slot wheels and gorgeous Spectrafrost paint and deco. This bubble top makes a nice addition to the other variation of this casting I already own.

img_1928 img_1929Y9441 | 2013 Cool Classics 18/30 | ’62 Chevy | Spectrafrost gold with pale yellow trim | goldRSW

Favorite Series: Homie Rollerz

Back when I was still single, I discovered Homies figures in a vending machine at the grocery store. Every time I went out for a grocery run, I would reward myself with a new figure or two. Years later, after he was old enough to not try to eat them, my son inherited my collection of figures. The characters were created by California cartoonist David Gonzalez, whose comic strip “Hollywood” appeared in Lowrider Magazine. According to the official website, “the Homies are a group of tightly knit Chicano buddies who have grown up in the Mexican American barrio (neighborhood) of “Quien Sabe”, (who knows) located in East Los Angeles.”

These Homie Rollerz were released by Jada Toys in 2004. I thought I had the all of the 1/64th cars, but the JadaClub website shows other color variations and castings that might have been part of the same or a later release.

img_18612004 Homie Rollerz | 1987 Buick Regal | black | with Eightball & Laughing Boy

img_18622004 Homie Rollerz | ’59 Chevy Impala | copper | with Cruzer & Gordo

img_18632004 Homie Rollerz | ’58 Chevy Impala | white | with Chuco & Angel

img_18642004 Homie Rollerz | ’65 Chevy Impala | red | with Buddha & Droopy

img_18652004 Homie Rollerz | ’64 Chevy Impala | blue | with Ice Block & Gato

img_18662004 Homie Rollerz | ’63 Chevy Impala | orange | with Melon & Nightowl

I try to stay away from 1/24th scale cars (for lack of space), but I couldn’t resist this ’47 Chevy Fleetline which came with four Homie figures. It’s got an opening hood and doors and I like that it has the old-style car cooler in the passenger side window.

img_1869 img_18702004 Homie Rollers | ’47 Chevy Crestline | metallic green and black | with Hollywood & Gata, Silk and Mija

When my wife and I got married, these two Homies were our cake topper.


And finally, here’s a variation on the theme. Homie Hoppers are 1/25th scale remote control (plastic, not die cast – made by Lindberg) models with “hopping’ action.” Prior to today, this ’64 Impala had never been taken out of the box, but my son is right now practicing his hops.