1990 Hot Wheels Range Rover and 1975 Matchbox Range Rover Police

When Hot Wheels introduced the construction tire in 1980, it was used on a line of construction vehicles called the Workhorses. By 1984, the construction tire had begun to spread across the mainline castings, showing up on the Blazer 4×4 and many others over the years. Coming from 1990, this Range Rover is a little late for my blackwall-era collection, but it’s a nice, clean model that I picked up with a few older cars on eBay. The Range Rover die is one that Mattel acquired from Corgi.

1990 | 9738 | Range Rover | white w/ black, red, blue trim | Malaysia | construction tires

Just for fun, let’s compare it to the Matchbox Range Rover Police Patrol, originally released in 1975. Normally, rolling the car would cause the spinner on top to turn. On this one – from the collection of Big A – the dome on top appears to have been melted down from its original rounded shape, which causes the spinner inside to impede the movement of the left rear wheel.

1975 | 20 | Range Rover Police Patrol | white, frosted windows orange dome & spinner | Rolamatic wheels


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