1885 Smash Hit and Other Crack Ups

The Hot Wheels Crack Ups made their debut in 1985. Each model has a spring-loaded panel that, when crashed, will flip around to show its damaged side. There are several different castings of these which are sometimes difficult to identify – mostly since each variation was often given a different name. For example, the Hot Wheels wiki shows 10 different color/tampo variations of this Nissan-like casting with 8 different model names. I was particularly attracted to the paint and tampo combination on this 1985 model called Smash Hit, which I found on eBay.

img_8520 img_8521 img_85221985 | 7821 | Smash Hit (Crack Up) | green with pale green and yellow trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

I also have a metallic red variation of this casting called Speed Crasher.

Another Crack Up casting is Sport Crasher, also from 1985. I got this one from the Dealer. As is often the case with Crack Ups, this one has been cracked up so many times that it no longer stays in its undamaged form – in fact it appears to be missing a piece.

img_1857 img_18581985 | 7070 | Sport Crasher (Crack Up) | black with orange and purple flames | Malaysia | blackwalls

Bang Up Job is another Crack Up casting from 1985. I also got this fairly clean model from the Dealer.

img_7157 img_7158img_7155img_71561985 | 7582 | Bang Up Job (Crack Up) | red with yellow, white and blue trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls 

I also have a green variation of this casting called Bangster, which is from 1986.

And finally another 1986 Crack Up, Side Grinder, which came from the Dealer and no longer holds its undamaged form.

img_1855 img_18561986 | 2558 | Side Grinder (Crack Up) | black with orange, purple, red trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls 


1979 Fire Chaser and Variations

When it was originally released in 1978 in white with black and yellow tampos, this Larry Wood-designed casting was called Highway Patrol. In 1979, Fire Chaser was a variation of the same casting in red with yellow, black and white tampos. This one came from the Dealer.

img_7087 img_70881979 | 2639 | Fire Chaser | red with yellow & black trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

This black version with white and yellow tampos is the Sheriff Patrol from 1982 and comes from the collection of Big A.

img_1848 img_18491982 | 2019 | Sheriff Patrol | black w/black, white & yellow trim | Malaysia | blackwalls

Another variation of the Sheriff Patrol from 1985 wears metallic blue paint. This one I picked up on eBay.

img_8489 img_84901985 | 9526 | Sheriff Patrol | metallic blue w/blk, wht, yellow trim, white rear doors, black interior | Malaysia | blackwalls

Yet another variation – also from the Dealer – is this tan color-changing model from 1988 that is both a police car and a taxi cab.

img_1852 img_18531988 | 7285 | Sheriff Patrol (Automagic) | light purple (light tan) with Police Taxi trim | Malaysia | blackwalls

1990 Hot Wheels Range Rover and 1975 Matchbox Range Rover Police

When Hot Wheels introduced the construction tire in 1980, it was used on a line of construction vehicles called the Workhorses. By 1984, the construction tire had begun to spread across the mainline castings, showing up on the Blazer 4×4 and many others over the years. Coming from 1990, this Range Rover is a little late for my blackwall-era collection, but it’s a nice, clean model that I picked up with a few older cars on eBay. The Range Rover die is one that Mattel acquired from Corgi.

1990 | 9738 | Range Rover | white w/ black, red, blue trim | Malaysia | construction tires

Just for fun, let’s compare it to the Matchbox Range Rover Police Patrol, originally released in 1975. Normally, rolling the car would cause the spinner on top to turn. On this one – from the collection of Big A – the dome on top appears to have been melted down from its original rounded shape, which causes the spinner inside to impede the movement of the left rear wheel.

1975 | 20 | Range Rover Police Patrol | white, frosted windows orange dome & spinner | Rolamatic wheels

M2 Machines 1958 Impala and 1967 Chevrolet Nova

I found these three M2 Machines recently at WalMart. Both of these 1958 Impalas are sharp variations on this great casting.

2013 Auto-Drivers R20 | 1958 Chevrolet Impala | bronze with white top

2012 Auto-Dreams R Tom Kelly 1 1958 Chevrolet Impala | red with silver top

This 1967 Nova is from the second release of the Foose line. You can see the Nova from the first Foose release as well as a couple other variations of this casting here.

2013 Foose R2 | 1967 Chevrolet Nova “Cherry Nova” | black & maroon 1:64