Hot Wheels Canadian Packaging

My wife teases me about my collection all the time. She often threatens to throw away all my cars and tells me the whole thing is grounds for divorce. But sometimes she’ll call me at work from Target to ask if I need a certain car that she’s found. And when she and my son went to Canada recently to visit her family, she brought me back a couple of Canadian Hot Wheels.

What’s the difference between Canadian and US Hot Wheels, you ask? Well, let me show you. Other than the codes stamped into the bottoms, the cars themselves are pretty much identical. But the packages are different, both front and back. I already had the US versions of both the HW Showroom ’59 Chevy Impala and the ’66 Chevy Nova, so I’m posting photos of both for comparison.

The major difference in the front of the package is that the Canadian version is missing the illustration of the four Team Hot Wheels guys over the Hot Wheels banner.

img_1768X1796 | 2013 HW Showroom (Canadian package) | ’59 Chevy Impala | metalflake green with flames | chrome MC5
img_0577X1796 | 2013 HW Showroom | ’59 Chevy Impala (US package) | metalflake green with flames | chrome MC5

The back of the Canadian package is quite a bit different, with the layout rearranged to allow for four languages – English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. My wife was particularly excited to see that the headquarters of Mattel Canada Inc., is in her hometown of Mississauga, Ontario.img_1765img_1766

The HW Showroom ’66 Chevy Nova that my wife brought back is the lime green variation. I’m not sure if the light blue and ZAMAC versions that were issued in the US can also be found in Canada, but I told my wife she needs to go back and try to find them for me.

img_1769X1847 | 2013 HW Showroom (Canadian Package) | ’66 Chevy Nova | lime green with black, orange & silver trim | black PR5 w/chrome rim

IMG_0206X1847-09A0D | 2013 HW Showroom (US Package) | ’66 Chevy Nova | lime green with black, orange & silver trim |  black PR5 w/chrome rim




  1. I may have been wrong to refer to it as specifically “Canadian” packaging. I’ve been told it is “the generic international long card.” Your link helps confirm this, Joel, thanks!


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