The Hot Ones: 1982 Torino Stocker and 1984 ’57 Chevy

In 1981 Hot Wheels introduced a new line of cars that they described as the “fastest non-powered metal cars”.  “The Hot Ones” featured a new 6-spoked gold wheel and a thinner axle and the popular series continued until 1986. Though The Hot Ones series was brought back in 2011 and 2012, these are two 1980s originals that I picked up on eBay from the same seller.

The Torino Stocker was first cast in 1975 wearing red paint and the number 23. There is also a version from 1979 that wears the same black paint and tampo as this one, but with blackwalls at the corners. This one is from 1982.

img_8508img_85091982 | 7647 | Torino Stocker | black w/ white, yellow, orange trim | HK | gho

The ’57 Chevy was originally released in 1977 and has made dozens of reappearances over the years. This yellow version is from the 1984 The Hot Ones series.

img_8504 img_85051984 | 9638 | ’57 Chevy | yellow with red and white trim | MY | gho

Other Hot Ones that I have in my collection are the Racing Stocker, Science Friction and, of course, the Hot Bird.

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