1978 Science Friction and 1983 Mountain Dew Racing Stocker

These two nice blackwall-era Hot Wheels were bought on eBay from the same seller. The futuristic police car Science Friction was released in 1978 as this white and chrome beauty. In subsequent years it not only wore different paint – like this magenta version from 1982 – but the name was changed to Flame Runner in 1984, Back Burner in 1986 and Lightning Storm in 1993.

img_0220 img_02221978 | 2018 | Science Friction | white with “Space Cop” trim | HK | blackwalls

The Racing Stocker was first cast in 1983 and is based on Darrell Waltrip’s Buick Regal. There are also versions of this model with NASCAR Stocker or Mountain Dew Stocker stamped into the base. Of the three versions, this Racing Stocker is the least valuable.

img_0218img_02191983 | 3927 | Racing Stocker | white with green, red, “Mountain Dew” | MY | gold hot ones