Tricar X8, ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler and ’40s Woodie

Here’s a little tip for bidding on cars on eBay. When you find a car you really want to bid on, it’s a good idea to check out the other items from the same seller. Usually, if a seller has one nice car, they’ll have more. And most sellers offer combined shipping, so rather than paying shipping for each individual item, you’ll only pay one shipping charge. It’s a good way to save a few bucks in the long run.

The car that first caught my eye from this seller was the Tricar X8. This pointy three-wheeler which was designed by Larry Wood might have been inspired by the Blue Flame, a rocket powered car that established the world land speed record of 622.407 mph in 1970. The Tricar X8 saw its first casting in 1980, but this red version with blue and white tampo was a Kellogg’s cereal promotional car from 1985.

img_8518img_85191985 | 3002 | Tricar X8 | red with blue and white stars and stripes | Malaysia | blackwalls

When I searched the seller’s other items, I was pleased to find a couple more nice blackwalls. The ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler came out in 1977 and features two plastic motorcycles in the back. This metalflake blue version of the Ford F-150 is a variation from 1982.

img_8514img_85151982 | 4341 | ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler | metalflake blue with yellow and red trim, yellow motorcycles | Malaysia | blackwalls

The ’40s Woodie was released in 1980 as one of the Hi-Raker, cars which had adjustable rear axles. This casting continues to be a popular model and many variations have come out over the years. This yellow version with a black interior and small rear blackwalls is not a Hi-Raker and is from 1987.

img_8516 img_85171987 | 2530 | ‘40s Woodie | yellow with black interior, small rear bw | Malaysia | blackwalls


Majorette Porsche 996 Police and Renault Megane II Fire

My brother-in-law, John, is quite the world traveler these days. Earlier this year, he made a business trip to São Paulo, Brazil, came home for a few days, then was off to Europe. When he and my sister came to visit us this spring, he brought me these Majorette cars that he picked up in a convenience store in Munich.

Majorette is a French toy manufacturer which was founded in 1961 as a maker of toy trains. The first cars were added in 1964 and the models penetrated many world markets in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, the company produces mostly small-scale (1:64, or 2.5″ to 3″) models which feature opening doors and hoods. Major retail distribution is limited mainly to Europe, South America and Asia.

I did find both of these cars on the Majorette website, under the “S.O.S.” category. Interestingly, even when you click to view the Deutsch version of the site, the models are still pictured with English decorations (“Police” and “Fire Brigade” in place of “Polizei” and “Feuerwehr”).

img_1304img_1305Majorette Porsche 996 Police

img_1306img_1307Majorette Renault Megane II Fire