Sunburnerz ’65 Chevy Impala

How do you plan to spend your summer? How about we all take a nice, long cruise in my new flamed-out ’65 Chevy Impala? The Sunburnerz series is a Kroger exclusive, and I found mine at the friendly neighborhood Dillon’s grocery store. (Actually, it’s not the one in my own neighborhood, but one in a somewhat swankier area that has a much better toy section than mine.) According to the Kroger website, you should be able to find your own Sunburnerz Hot Wheel at one of 2,242 stores in 31 states.

The ’65 Chevy Impala first appeared in the Hot Wheels lineup in 1998 and has been produced in more than 20 variations since. I have a number of these in my own collection, including the 2009 version from the Holiday Hot Rods 3-Pack.

img_1253 img_1254Y2148 | 2013 Hot Wheels Sunburnerz (Kroger Exclusive) | ’65 Chevy Impala | orange with yellow and orange flames | gold Y5s



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