2013 Easter ’68 Chevy Nova

Happy Easter, everyone!

img_0890img_0886Y2088 | 2013 Easter Cars 5/8 | ’68 Chevy Nova | black & red with purple, gold and beige flames | 5SP


’59 Chevy Impala

The Hot Wheels ’59 Chevy Impala has been on hiatus for a few years, so I was excited to find this one at WalMart yesterday. It’s interesting that they are using the 2002 Bel Air retool (notice the B-pillar and the missing rear fender skirt) but calling it an Impala again. The metalflake green paint and old-school flames are really gorgeous. I was so inspired that I pulled out all of the many variations of this casting that I have in my collection and I’m including photos here.

img_0577img_0576X1796 | 2013 HW Showroom | ’59 Chevy Impala | metalflake green with flames | MC5 wheels

The ’59 Chevy Impala casting made its first appearance in 1997 as this pink and orange model with gold lace wheels.

img_0602img_059516670 | 1997 First Editions #517 | ’59 Chevy Impala | 5/12 | pink with silver, black and orange trim | gold lace wheels

In 1998, the ’59 Impala was part of the Low ‘N Cool series. I also have the same car with a blue car on the package, instead of the red illustration pictured here.

img_0603img_059416670 | 1998 Low ‘N Cool #698 | ’59 Impala 2/4 | green with purple and black trim | gold lace wheels | red illustration on card

I’m missing the Treasure Hunt car from 1999, and the one that came in the K-B Toys 2-pack. But I do have this white one and the Cop Rods version.

img_0606img_059116670 | 1999 Mattel Wheels #1000 | ’59 Impala | white with yellow and red trim | gold lace wheels

img_0599img_059723440 | 1999 Cop Rods | ’59 Impala Birmingham, AL | white with blue and gold trim | gold hub Real Riders

For 2000, I have the silver version as well as the black model on two different card designs.

img_0607img_059016670 | 2000 Mattel Wheels #116 | ’59 Chevy | metallic silver with yellow and red trim | saw blade wheels

img_0604img_059316670 | 2000 Mattel Wheels #249 | ’59 Impala | black with gold and red trim | gold lace wheels |”Watch Petty Race” on package

img_0605img_059216670 | 2000 Mattel Wheels #249 | ’59 Impala | black with gold and red trim | gold lace wheels

In 2001, the ’59 Impala was one of the Monster Series, with appropriately creepy mummy deco.

img_0608img_058950115 | 2001 Monster Series #077 | ’59 Impala 1/4 | black with yellow, orange, red and white trim | lace wheels

For 2002, the ’59 Impala was deputized for the Wild Frontier series. Somehow – and I honestly can’t remember how – I landed a version from a factory sealed set as well as the standard issue off the pegs.

img_0609img_0610img_058754333 | 2002 Mattel Wheels Wild Frontier #055 | ’59 Chevy Impala 1/4 | metalflake brown with gold, red, white and brown trim | gold 5SP wheels

In 2003, the ’59 Chevy was retooled to include a B-pillar and the fender skirt was removed. The new casting was called the ’59 Chevy Bel Air and it made its debut in the Pride Rides series. This version wears PR5s, but it could also be found in lace wheels.

img_0601img_059657170 | 2003 Pride Rides | ’59 Chevy Bel Air 7/10 | red with yellow Redphin trim | chrome PR5 wheels

I also have the ’59 Chevy Bel Air from the 2009 Fire Rods series.

img_0600img_0598N8380 | 2008 Fire Rods | ’59 Chevy Bel Air 3/26 | metalflake red-orange with black, gold and white trim | gold 10SP wheels

Finally, here’s a link to the ’59 Chevy Impala from the 2012 Hot Wheels Racing Stock Car series.

1982 Hot Bird

In 1980, Hot Wheels began to spice-up its line-up by offering a new variety of wheels in addition to blackwall tires. The CAT Dump Truck and CAT Wheel Loader – both new castings from that year – featured the first appearance of construction tires. Other reissues wore gold or silver Hot Ones wheels. One of the cars that looks the best in gold Hot Ones is the Hot Bird, maybe because the wheels are more like those found on the real Trans Ams of the time. I think this version from 1982 is sharper-looking than the blackwall variations.

img_8512img_85131982 | 2014 | Hot Bird | black with yellow and red trim, tan interior | Malaysia | gold hot ones wheels