1979 Inside Story and Spider-Man Scene Machine

Inside Story was introduced into the Hot Wheels lineup in 1979. This super-clean example came to me from the collection of Big A. The look of this Larry Wood designed custom van is eerily prescient of the minvans that would start to flood the U.S. car market in the mid 1980s.

img_0524img_05261979 | 2510 | Inside Story | gray with black plastic base, blue, red & yellow trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

Another version of Inside Story was also released in 1979 as the Spider-Man Scene Machine. Looking through the back window of the van, you can see a picture of Spider-Man fighting Doctor Doom. The many Superhero-themed cars are one of the reasons I enjoy the cars from 1979 so much. I picked this one up on eBay.

img_8475img_84761979 | 2852 | Spider-Man (Scene Machines) | white with blue, red & black trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

Photographing the scene in the back is tricky, but here is a shot that captures some of what can be seen when you look through the lens.




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