2012 Mars Rover Curiosity

When I went to Target the other day, the pegs were almost entirely covered with 2013 cars. So I was pretty surprised to finally find my Mars Rover, which I had mostly given up on. I scanned through the rest of the 2012s, hoping to find the elusive Mystery Machine as well, but I was pushing my luck there.

I recently read in the newspaper that the Curiosity had logged less than a mile on the Martian surface since it landed in August. This is a little surprising when you realize it travelled 350,000,000 miles through space to get there! But soon, Curiosity will get moving and set off on an expected 9-month journey across the Gale Crater to Mount Sharp. Here is a link to a previous post of my other NASA vehicles and other items.

IMG_0205 IMG_02042012 New Models | Mars Rover Curiosity | white with gold, black and NASA logo | OH5


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