1979 Captain America and Human Torch

Over the past few years, I’ve acquired quite a few blackwall-era Hot Wheels. But recently I decided to bring my vintage collection a little more into focus. I decided to start with the year 1979 and try to get all of the first castings from that year. Part of the reason I chose 1979 is because I already had a decent start, having previously picked up a number of Super Hero themed cars from that year.

So I’ve been burning up eBay recently, bidding on a bunch of cars from 1979, as well as a few other distractions. The Captain America car is actually a variation of the Hot Bird, which was released the previous year. Instead of the expected Firebird paint scheme, this Pontiac Trans-Am T-top is decorated with stars and stripes worthy of its namesake.

IMG_8473 IMG_84741979 | 2879 | Captain America | white, red and blue trim, red interior | HK | blackwalls

The Human Torch is another one of the Marvel Heroe-themed cars from 1979. It is also based on a casting from the previous year, the Army Funny Car. The body of the Plymouth Arrow is hinged to open, revealing the engine and driver’s cockpit.

IMG_8470 IMG_8471 IMG_84721979 | 2881 | Human Torch | black with yellow and red trim | HK | blackwalls



  1. […] Also introduced in the 1978 Flying Colors series, the Hot Bird is a collector’s favorite. In my collection, I have the original black version which has blackwalls, a blue version from 1980, and another black one from 1982 with gold Hot Ones wheels. There is also a variation of this casting from 1979 that’s called the Captain America. […]


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