Rock Buster and Bronco 4-Wheeler

One Saturday every month, my son and I go for a haircut. The best thing about this is that it always leads to a trip to the thrift store on the opposite corner of the same block. This past Saturday, my son came away from the thrift store with some Club Penguin books and I scored a bag of Hot Wheels. As usual, I really only wanted a couple of cars in the bag and my son got the rest.

The Rock Buster was first introduced into the Hot Wheels lineup in 1976. This well-worn green version is from 1980.

IMG_8533 IMG_85341980 | 9088 | Rock Buster | green with white, red & blue trim | HK | blackwalls

The Bronco 4-Wheeler was introduced in 1981 and has enjoyed quite a few reincarnations over the years. The plastic motorcycle on the back is a nice touch. This metallic blue version with the construction tire tri-blades is from 1990. I’m considering taking the white plastic topper off and putting it on my other Bronco 4-Wheeler that’s missing the topper. However, I’m not sure I can get it off without breaking it. And besides, even though this one looks like it was flipped upside down and dragged down the sidewalk a few too many times, it’s still not half-bad looking.

IMG_8531 IMG_85321990 | 1520 | Bronco 4-Wheeler | metallic blue with white plastic top and motorcycle | MY | construction tri-blades



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