1978 Hot Bird

The Hot Bird – a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with a T-top – was introduced into the Hot Wheels line-up in 1978. I found this black version at a garage sale yesterday. Oddly, it was the only Hot Wheel I could see at the entire sale. And even better, it was in the free box! As I always say, never pass up a free Hot Bird.

IMG_8250 IMG_82511978 | 2014 | Hot Bird | black with yellow & red trim | HK | blackwalls

It’s great to have a large family looking out for cars for you. My oldest brother found this next Hot Bird for me. The blue version from 1980 is quite a bit more valuable than the black one above.

IMG_7073IMG_70741980 | 2014 | Hot Bird | blue with yellow & red trim | HK | blackwalls



    1. Awesome, Joel! What color was your Hot Bird? I’ve got a Knight Rider car too – thought only because my wife was a fan of the show (and David Hasselhoff, I’m sure)!


      1. I’ve edited my blog post to state that I had a black Hot Bird. What I really liked about it was its fat tires that go beyond the metal body to the sides. Perhaps that’s why it could go down my curved tracks faster.

  1. […] In 1980, Hot Wheels began to spice-up its line-up by offering a new variety of wheels in addition to blackwall tires. The CAT Dump Truck and CAT Wheel Loader – both new castings from that year – featured the first appearance of construction tires. Other reissues wore gold or silver Hot Ones wheels. One of the cars that looks the best in gold Hot Ones is the Hot Bird, maybe because the wheels are more like those found on the real Trans Ams of the time. I think this version from 1982 is sharper-looking than the blackwall variations. […]


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