Hot Wheels Turbo Mustang and Friends

While out running other errands yesterday, I came across a big estate sale and dropped in for a look. I found a box of old Hot Wheels and, though I suspect the early bird got some nicer cars, I was fairly happy to come away with a selection of 80s blackwalls.

IMG_8172 IMG_81731980 | 1125 | Turbo Mustang | yellow w/orange, black, red tampo | HK | blackwalls

IMG_8174 IMG_81751982 | 3260 | Land Lord | orange w/yellow, blk, red tampo (missing engine and window) | HK | blackwalls

IMG_8176 IMG_8177 IMG_8178 1986 | 7582 | Bangster (Crack Up) | lime green with orange, red, yellow trim | MY |blackwalls

IMG_8180IMG_81811987? | 1520 | Bronco 4-Wheeler | white w/yellow, red flames, blue stripe (missing shell) | HK | blackwalls

IMG_8182 IMG_81831983 | 3916 | Rig Wrecker | white w/blue, red tampo, red plastic tow hook | MY | blackwalls



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