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Badge City Heat ’59 Impala Fire and Police Cars

I stopped by Toys”R”Us last week and found a couple of nice Impalas by JADA toys (makers of one of my all-time favorites, the Homie Rollers series). It was good to find both the Fire and Police cars in the … Continue reading

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Hot Wheels Turbo Mustang and Friends

While out running other errands yesterday, I came across a big estate sale and dropped in for a look. I found a box of old Hot Wheels and, though I suspect the early bird got some nicer cars, I was … Continue reading

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A Forgotten Trio: Matchbox Personnel Carrier, Jeep and Field Gun

I recently rediscovered three cars from my childhood collection. They weren’t kept in my old race case, but were in a different box full of military toys that has gone unopened for several years. I think I bought these late … Continue reading

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NASA Space Shuttle Support

NASA’s recent success with the Mars Curiosity Rover landing was quite a thrill. While we’re all still cheering, I thought I’d show off some of my NASA-related items. When the Space Shuttle program was winding down, I decided I wanted … Continue reading

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Paddy Wagon, Beach Buggy, and Half of a London Bus

I got a nice package in the mail last month for my birthday. I’m the youngest of 10 siblings and the package was from the brother closest to me in age, 3 years older. When we were kids, most of … Continue reading

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