Chevrolet SS

I didn’t know anything about this car until I saw it in the Hot Wheels Sneak Peeks several weeks ago. I recognized what I thought was the front end of a late 60s Nova, but was confused about the back half of the car. The generic name “Chevrolet SS” didn’t offer any clues, so I had to do a little research to figure out exactly what this was. GM manufactured the Opala – the name derived by combining Opel and Impala – in Brazil from 1969 until 1992. The car was popular because of its reliability and easy maintenance and was used for everything from police cars to taxis to race cars. Later models look much less like anything related to a Chevrolet, but I’m going to gladly display this one along side my many Novas and Impalas.

IMG_7560 IMG_7556

2012 New Models | Chevrolet SS (Opala) | green with black and white tampo | 5SP wheels



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