’62 Chevy

Here’s another  bubbletop Chevy, the ’62 Bel Air hardtop, which first appeared in the Hot Wheels lineup in 2004. Though technically not an Impala, I can’t resist including these striking Chevys in my collection. I have several, and this gold beauty is one of the nicest.

2012 Muscle Mania – GM | ’62 Chevy | metal flake gold with red and silver stripe | MC5 wheel

[Four months later] I wandered into a Dollar Tree earlier this week and picked up the metallic blue version of this same car. Also, below you can see photos of a few other ’62 Chevys from my collection. And, I changed my mind. I decided the spectraflame blue version below from the Hot Wheels classic series is the nicest of the bunch. Which one is your favorite?

2012 Muscle Mania – GM | ’62 Chevy | metalflake blue/red, silver stripe | MC5 wheel


2008 All Stars | ’62 Chevy | metallic green with black and white stripe | PR5 wheels


2008 All Stars | ’62 Chevy | pearl white with dark blue and blue stripe | PR5 wheels


2006 Hot Wheels Classics Series 2 | ’62 Chevy Bubble Top | spectraflame blue with white stripes | white line 5SP wheels


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