1979 Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and the CORGI Supermobile

My son isn’t really into cars. He’s much more interested in superheroes and monsters. About the only way I can get him excited about one of my cars is if it has a superhero or a monster on it. Well, he did approve of this eBay purchase – a lot of four superhero-related Hot Wheels from 1979. These are a bunch of fun – and there are a few more superhero cars from 1979 that I’d like to get ahold of as well.

IMG_6976.JPGIMG_6977.JPG1979 | 2877 | Spider-Man | black, raised bar on base, red & white trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

IMG_6972.JPGIMG_6973.JPG1979 | 2878 | The Incredible Hulk | yellow, two small rear windows | Hong Kong | blackwalls

IMG_6974.JPG IMG_6975.JPG1979 | 2880 | Thor | yellow | Hong Kong | blackwalls

This Corgi Supermobile was sort of a bonus in the lot. I think it’s the only Corgi I have in my collection (so far). My son was the one who figured out how to make the two fists punch out of the front of the car by pushing the red button on the back. It’s missing most of the glass, but the red plastic Superman is still intact in the cockpit.

IMG_6970.JPG IMG_6971.JPG1979 | Corgi Supermobile | blue, red interior

Update: In my stash of old comic books, I found this ad for the Corgi Superman series on the inside back cover of the 1979 Sgt. Fury #153.




  1. […] Over the past few years, I’ve acquired quite a few blackwall-era Hot Wheels. But recently I decided to bring my vintage collection a little more into focus. I decided to start with the year 1979 and try to get all of the first castings from that year. Part of the reason I chose 1979 is because I already had a decent start, having previously picked up a number of Super Hero themed cars from that year. […]


    1. Yes, Joel, they are Hot Wheels. And autocorrect doesn’t know the word “blackwall” so it tries to make it “blackball”! Thanks for the catch – I’ve edited the post.


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