Matchbox Pontiac Firebird Formula

I was checking the cars at Target today, when this Matchbox Firebird caught my eye.  I’ve always liked this body style, but it was the mismatched wheels that really grabbed me. Somehow this one got into the package with three chrome rings and one solid black wheel. Even my wife – who playfully discourages me from ever buying any cars – said, “Wow, maybe that will be worth lots of money someday!” Do I have any offers?


IMG_72062011 Heritage Classics | Pontiac Firebird Formula | 15/100 | metallic copper | 1:64



  1. Congratulations! The body paint is nice, but I do miss the firebird image on the hood. Some collectors are into “variations.” Some errors like this had higher prices (compared to their normal counterparts) a few decades ago, but I don’t know the situation nowadays.


    1. I’m not sure about the value of it. But I thought it was a good excuse to buy a car that I like, but wouldn’t otherwise fit in my collection. Thanks for the comment Joel.


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