Hi-Tailer Matchbox Racer

You never know where you might find a good car. How about the toy box in the waiting room of your auto insurance agent? I traded one of my sons toys for this old Superfast.

IMG_7068IMG_7069 1974 | 56 | Hi-Tailer Team Matchbox Racer | white, unpainted base | Superfast wheels


1969 McLaren M6A

For awhile I was trying to pick up old redlines on eBay. But I have a self-imposed rule that I try to spend less than $10 on any car – and that includes shipping. So you can imagine the quality of the cars I was able to get was not great. (In some ways, I think of my collection as a way to find a home for misfit toys.) Either way, this McLaren does make a nice companion for the Ford J-Car from my childhood collection.

IMG_7133 IMG_7134IMG_71351969 | 6255 | McLaren M6A | metal lime green | redlines

1968 Mercedes-Benz Lorry

I picked up this old Matchbox Mercedes truck at a garage sale, where they were selling Ziploc bags of cars, 5 for $1. As I flipped quickly through the bags, those old Matchbox wheels grabbed my attention. When I went to pay for it, the guy did a double-take at me and the bag of cars, then he said “Oh, there’s an old one in there. That’s probably worth some money, huh?” I chuckled, shrugged and handed him my dollar bill. It’s not like it’s worth millions, but it was a nice little find for 20 cents. It wasn’t until I got it home that I realized what great shape it was in. Too bad it’s missing the canopy – if anyone has a spare for sale, please let me know.

IMG_7064 IMG_70651968 | 1 | Mercedes-Benz Lorry | mint green, missing canopy | black plastic wheels

Matchbox Pontiac Firebird Formula

I was checking the cars at Target today, when this Matchbox Firebird caught my eye.  I’ve always liked this body style, but it was the mismatched wheels that really grabbed me. Somehow this one got into the package with three chrome rings and one solid black wheel. Even my wife – who playfully discourages me from ever buying any cars – said, “Wow, maybe that will be worth lots of money someday!” Do I have any offers?


IMG_72062011 Heritage Classics | Pontiac Firebird Formula | 15/100 | metallic copper | 1:64