Majorette Pickup Camper/Maintenance Truck

This is the only Majorette that I had in my childhood collection. It’s kind of a mystery what make it actually is (European?), but it’s fitting for me because my dad took us on many camping trips in a yellow pickup with a white camper shell. At some point I cut open the back door to the camper.

The fun thing about this toy, is that you can remove the camper shell and it turns into a maintenance truck!

IMG_7014.JPGIMG_7015.JPGIMG_7016.JPGIMG_7017.JPGMaintenance Pickup Truck with Camper Shell | yellow with white camper shell | made in France

Due to a comment below, I did a little research to figure out what make of truck this casting is based on. I’m still not sure, but seems that it is the pickup version of the Simca 1100. From Wikipedia:

Three LCV (light commercial vehicle) versions with van, pick-up truck and High Top Van bodystyles were also available. In France and most European markets these were sold as the “Simca 1100 Fourgonnette”. In the UK the high-roof van was called the Simca VF2 (short for “Voiture Fourgonnette”), and was sold from December 1972. The regular low-roof van was called the VF1, while an even higher roofed version introduced for 1978 became the VF3. The pick-up model arrived in December 1975. Commercial versions lasted until the spring of 1985, three years after the 1100 passenger car models had been removed from the market. In the United Kingdom, commercial models assumed the Dodge nameplate after 1976 and were called Talbots after 1979. The commercial models were sold as ‘Simca Fixaren’ (“the fixer”) in Sweden, where they were fitted with a 66 PS (49 kW) version of the 1.3 litre engine.

I borrowed a photo from the internet. Does it look the same to you?





      1. I probably made myself look a bit slow there. I thought when you said you weren’t sure where it was made you were referring to the model. But I think you were referring to the camper attachment? If so, it’s hard to say. Most of them are made by small coach builders.

      2. Actually, I was confused about which make of truck this was supposed to represent. I took your comment as a suggestion that it might be a French make. But as I research more, there seems to be a long history of confusion, some suggesting it is a Dodge or maybe a Simca.

  1. I think it’s probably a mix – it’s an old model and I think they would have used a mashup of several vehicles rather than pay royalties for a specific model, because of all the variants it spawned – didn’t they also use the same base for a fire truck, safari truck and more?


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