Tomica Pocket Cars

I liked the Tomica cars when I was a kid because of how realistic they were. I also liked the opening doors. But these days I have to say they seem to lack a little bit of the soul of the Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars of the same time period. Still, I have some pretty nice examples from my childhood collection.

IMG_6912.JPG IMG_6913.JPG1975 | | Toyota Crown | black and white with cherry | 1/65

IMG_6914.JPG IMG_6915.JPG1976 | F2 | Cadillac | metallic pink | 1/77

IMG_6920.JPGIMG_6922.JPG1976 | F6 | Rolls Royce Phantom VI | metallic champagne | 1/78

IMG_6925.JPG IMG_6926.JPG1978 | F38 | Ford Mustang II Ghia | white with black top | 1/63

IMG_6916.JPG IMG_6917.JPG1974 | 75  TV Bus | white and turquoise with TV Truck label | 1/122

IMG_6918.JPG IMG_6919.JPG1976 | 16 | Nissan Diesel | red | 1/102

IMG_6923.JPG IMG_6924.JPG1975 | Hino Semi Trailer | green cab, orange trailer (24 Panel Van)



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