1970 Heavy Chevy

Of all the cars from my childhood, this was my favorite Hot Wheel, and the best car on the orange track. It was heavy enough to travel far, but could still make it through the loop. The chrome Heavy Chevy was only available through the club kit, but I was only 4 in 1970, so I imagine it was ordered through the mail by one of my older brothers and eventually handed down to me. As you can see from the photos, it was well played-with.

IMG_6845.JPG IMG_6846.JPG1970 | 6189 | Heavy Chevy (Club Kit) | chrome | redlines

Here’s a photo of the Hot Wheels Club Kit box, taken from the book, Hot Wheels A Collector’s Guide, by Bob Parker.



  1. […] I found this Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary Set a few years back when I stumbled across the garage sale of a pretty serious collector. The set from 1998 includes replicas of four of the Spoilers, a series first introduced in 1970 that included supercharged engines and spoilers on each car. These 30th Anniversary versions have even larger engines than were put on the originals. I bought the set mostly because it includes the Heavy Chevy, which was a favorite car from my childhood. […]


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